Monday, June 18, 2012

San Diego - Day 5

Well it's Sunday! We drove about 1 1/2 hours to Irvine, CA

Where we met my Great Uncle (my mom's Uncle) Joe and his wife Ali. They live here and we attended church with them. The church was awesome. The worship experience was amazing for us and we love how the church operated, it's vision and how they structured their services.  We were so blessed to attend here for one Sunday. It reminded us so much of the church we attended in Springfield, Missouri, we just loved it. The name of this church is Mariners Church. For those interested here's the website... 

After church we had lunch with Joe and Ali. I've seen Joe probably 3 times in my whole life. When I was 3 visiting CA, when I was 15 at my Grammy's 90th birthday and when I was 18 at her funeral. It's been 10 years since I'd seen them and they've never met Ty or Josh! So it was fun to see them and introduce them to my family. I felt like we didn't get much time to just relax and visit sadly. We were at church and Ty was very disruptive at lunch because he was hungry and then tired and this time change has been tough to keep a routine. But even though our time was short, it was so good. My Uncle Joe is such a great guy, I wish so much I could just sit and talk with him more about my Grammy and his life. It's so amazing meeting with family you don't see much of, because there's so much of your history with them. His eyes were so engaging and I know this will sound so weird but I felt my Grammy when I looked into them! Wish so much I could have had more time with him. Maybe in 10 more years! 

We headed back to San Diego after that and had some pool time! 


Then we went to Outback Steak house for a Father's Day dinner!!! Tomorrow is our last day! :( It's gone so fast. 

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