Friday, June 15, 2012

San Diego - Day 2

Today started off wonderful! We once again spoiled our little boy with another donut! This time we tried out a new shop…Rose Donuts. They were delicious as well! J

We decided to spend the morning at the San Diego Zoo, on our way there, Ty decided a little nap would be great, once again, around 9:20am! So funny, this time change is just wearing him out. 

We’d heard San Diego has one of the best zoos , and we were not disappointed!

Hi Gorilla!

Hey, look at me!!!

He loves the fishies! 

The moment we heard the peacock in the zoo, we HAD to go find it! It was all he talked about until we had found it! 

A firetruck and ambulance even went through the park while we were there…Ty was in heaven!

Headed out around lunchtime and decide to have lunch at a small place called Rubios, it was yummy. 

Later that day we went to the La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya – I was corrected by another mom at the park from that area as she laughed at me! Hey, how was I suppose to know!?!) It was a pretty area, you can tell there’s money in this area, the restaurants and shops were much nicer than other areas we’d been to, so we decided to drive around and check out a few of the homes too. 

Then we stopped at a big park by the beach. Ty loved playing here and the sand was so soft!

Then for supper we found a fun sushi place on the way back to the hotel! Kabuki Sushi, and they had the sushi  floating on little boats going around the bar area. We just sat here and picked up the sushi we wanted…it was so cool and yummy! I love sushi with my man J  Of course didn’t bring my camera in the restaurant though, agh. So no pictures to prove it!

It was a fun day! Tomorrow….we head back to Sea World! Stay tuned for more pictures. J

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  1. So happy to see you enjoying it all so much. Ty and the donut decisions are great!