Saturday, June 16, 2012

San Diego - Day 3

Today was a blast! We spent pretty much the entire day at Sea World! We got to see Shamu, Ty loved the big whales! We watched them from the glass case on the lower deck and then some from up above. Then later in the day we got to watch the show which was awesome!

One of Ty’s very favorite things to watch was the roller-coaster! J

Daddy liked to touch the sting rays (stingers removed for those wondering).

Then Ty got some more play time in at the play ground and then……

ELMO!!! We watched Elmo and other sesame street characters in a show and then got to hug and take a picture with them! Of course Ty only cared about Elmo, but his reaction to meeting Elmo was priceless! Made the whole trip for us. We got it on video too. I might try to post the video it’s too cute.

Then we rode the sky tower ride to see the whole park from way up high! It spins so you can see it all.

Here’s the Dolphin show going on right now.

Here’s the Shamu theater.

Here’s the Dolphin interaction area.

And Ty's favorite, the rollar-coasters!!

We got back went swimming and had an early bedtime! What a fun day! J  Sea World is definitely one of our favorites!

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  1. It must thrill you to see Ty's excitement with everything. :) You were two when we went to Sea World and it was a blast for us to see the joy and excitement you had.