Monday, June 18, 2012

San Diego - Day 4

Hey Ty, are you awake?


Off to tour the USS Midway! When this was out at sea it would hold up to 4,500 navy men. Wow. That's the size of our town! It was so cool to see it all (we were only there a couple hours, and we didn't see NEARLY all of it!). But so interesting to see it and think about what it must have been like for the men who were on it. 


There they all are!

Ty got to sit in the aircrafts on board, he LOVED that!

Not sure who is having more fun, Ty or dada....

Here we are on top, it was SO huge, and yet the take off and landing strip was so short, Navy pilots must be amazing!

So BIG Ty says :)

Across the bay is the Navy ships currently in use at the naval base on Coronado Island.

Ty loved this blue airplane

Here's the front edge of the ship looking back

My boy used this time to work on his colors, he walked the line and would say the color he was stepping on :) Always learning, even on vacation!

From up above looking down at the front of the ship. See the plane facing the front? THat's the start of the runway to take off! See how short it is!?!?

These next pictures are from the captains area up above. Ty was too short to go on this tour so Josh took the camera and filled us in!

Captain's quarters. What I want to know if that was a picture from an actual captain of the ship! Josh didn't know. Cool to think about though.

Lunch next to the USS Midway at The Fish Market. It was delicious! Got the prawns for an appetizer....

Check out this view!

That's crab in my sandwich!

And Josh got the swordfish, he said it was amazing!

Ty got the teriyaki chicken it was all amazing!

Love this guy :)

Notice the submarine in the background. Could have toured that as well but just didn't want to pay the money to do it :)


As we were walking along the coast (Vickie you were right it's really cool, so many shops, boats, tourists, scenic views!), someone stopped us and asked us to walk around this area because they were filming. I immediately asked Josh if he saw Johnny Depp! Maybe another pirates movie!?!? As we got closer, didn't recognize any actors to be famous. Then asked someone with the crew they said they were filming a commercial.

One of the BEST meals we had all week was here for supper at Fish & Chips! It was delicious, definitely recommend to anyone who come to San Diego. It's the real deal.

Not to mention the scenery for supper couldn't have been better. Oh AND they serve Pepsi products, another plus. Ty loved his grilled cheese here too. Also great prices. Have I convinced anyone yet? :)

Dancing in the sand :)

Here's the park right on the bay.

Check out the beautiful sand and view!

We had such a fun day seeing more of San Diego and experiencing the tastes and sights of the coasts as well as learning more about the Navy!

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