Wednesday, June 13, 2012

San Diego - Day 1

Hello all! I'm going to do my best to try to keep up with picture taking and blogging throughout our trip, because I know some of you enjoy "coming" along with us and because this forces me to take and edit pictures to get ready for my online scrapbooking!

This year for our family vacation we headed to beautiful San Diego, California! We've only been here a day but we LOVE it already! We've had a packed day of fun and can't wait for several more.

It all started yesterday when we flew out at 8:30pm. We've never had a late flight like this before, and wondered how it would go with Ty. It all went great, no lines, no people, security check was incredibly smooth (nothing like last year’s vacation! I was prepared for the worst for sure!). Ty was so excited to see airplanes and so happy about all the new experiences he was having, he was running through the empty halls of the airport as we walked to our gate when all the sudden BAM! He tripped, and fell really hard into a metal trashcan. Bit his bottom lip so hard it was instantly swollen and bleeding….needless to say, the smile turned to tears and made it difficult get back the happy little boy we had just moments earlier. But once we saw the airplanes, he was on he way back to himself. Thankfully now, 24 hours later, the injury is hardly even phasing him. Praise Jesus for the fast healing He gives his small children!

Ty loved the airplanes, and did so well on the 2 flights.  Given his age and his increasingly independent personality, there were some “moments” on the plane that made it difficult, but given the time of the flight, he slept most of the 2nd flight which was great!

We made it to San Diego, and the 1st impressions were awesome. We got our rental car for the week, and headed to the hotel about 15 min away. Got there around midnight (California time --- 2am Kansas time).

5:30AM comes and Ty’s internal alarm went off and he was bright-eyed and bushy tailed (7:30am in Kansas keep in mind) J He was content to read a few books for a little bit while we got ready.

1st stop --- OB Donuts! Yup, vacations means lots of special treats! These were delicious too! Love spoiling my baby on vacation! J

This is our new car!

Ahhh….Califorina. This picture barely does it justice.

And Ty fell asleep in the car at 9:20AM! Yup, the short night’s sleep is showing.

We headed to Sea World and he woke right up! Sea World is AMAZING! Oh we love it! Definitely going back.

Penguins were the 1st thing he wanted to see, they were so cute

The flamingos were just running down the street!

He loved the little play area for kids


Both Ty and daddy loved the sharks!

The Dolphin Show was incredible (way exceeded any expectations!)

Headed to In and Out Burger for lunch (only on west coast) really yummy!

Then came back to the hotel….nap time for everybody! Gotta love vacations!

Then we started driving and headed to Coronado Island, saw the famous Coronado Del Hotel (might take a tour there on Saturday), very cute island though. Hope to go back!

Then headed downtown to Little Italy and ate at Filippi’s (recommended by Heather Austin) and it was SO good!! Then walked along the streets admiring the incredible architecture of the buildings and just enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery!

We walked to Extraordinary Desserts (also recommended by Heather!) Wow! So yummy….and for those of you judging me, don’t worry, I just gave Ty the fruit on top of a dessert, only so much sugar does a child need even on vacation! J

 Excited for several more days in San Diego! :) I'll do my best to keep posting!!

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  1. Oh my what fun! Laughed and laughed at the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them with us! :) Keep 'em comin'.